MATQu @ SPCC conference 2022: Through Silicon Vias cleaning for quantum computer interconnects integration

In the frame of the MATQu project, a state-of-the-art interposer is designed with high aspect ratio through-silicon vias (TSV) that aim at interconnecting qubits with a readout wafer in a 3D multi-stacking manner. High quality TSV require an efficient surface preparation and especially a complete removal of chemically resilient post etch residues, that cover the sidewalls following standard Bosch dry etch process. That’s why, Technic France has developed a cleaning solution called TechniClean BOS-347, which has been extensively investigated with partners (imec and CEA Leti) over several structures patterned. A comprehensive data set including SEM images, thin-film metrology, and surface analyses such as ToF-SIMS validating post-Bosch etch cleaning efficiency and benchmarking new versus legacy cleaning candidates (wet and ash/wet) will be presented at SPCC conference.